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What external studies have been conducted specifically with Hedron’s HOME PROTECTION product?

As you may already know, most companies rely on subjective and proprietary testing. This is where Hedron Life Source is unique. We have put years of extensive research into finding ways to show/prove that the device will actually affect the level of detrimental EMF on the DNA and organ systems. We have clinically proven time and again that the Hedron devices change/transform harsh Electro Magnetic Interference into a harmless source of energy. Not only that, but we are actually showing that not only is the EMI now harmless to the body, but the Hedron devices actually physically/biologically enhance the body overall. You can currently view (and maybe you already have) the kirilian, thermographical, BioField, and other reports on the main website.

What you may also find important is the 3rd party testing by the California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. What the 3rd party institute confirmed for us is the (SAR) signal absorption percentage remains over 99.9 percent at even a 9.375 GHz (for example a 9G cell phone). So even as the overall EMI, and cell phone tower signals increase we are still protected using the Hedron devices.

The webinar explains a bit more on this: (, as does the ebook: (

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