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The Solution

The Hedron EMF Shield

Some people recommend that in order to escape from the harmful effects of Mobile Phone Radiation it is better to follow the following:

  • Do not use mobile phone at all.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent using mobile phones.
  • Use speaker mode or a headset to place more distance between your head and Cellphone.

Is it possible in this modern world to avoid or reduce the usage of cell Phones which people have become addicted to or is it possible to use speaker phone always ? Headsets keep the phone away from the Brain but a holster or belt clip just moves the radiation down to the waist. Our studies conducted on speakerphone actually show the EMF at a greater level.

Our Solution

After considerable research we have found out that certain earth minerals have the capability to successfully harmonize the Radiation (EMF) and reduce the heating of the mobile phones while in use.

We have employed this unique mineral technology plus scalar technology in creating the most need of the hour product “ The Hedron EMF Shield ” which protects us from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.

The Hedron EMF Shield is undoubtedly the most effective product of its kind as it does not interfere with the signal strength nor jam the calls.

One can be confident that The Hedron EMF Shield when attached to the Mobile Phone can protect us from the harmful effects of Radiation based on the certificates given by the World’s renowned electronics testing laboratory and other reputed institutions.

Although one cannot feel radiation directly they can definitely appreciate the reduction in heating of the ears upon using The Hedron EMF Shield as felt by many users worldwide. Since heating is because of the EMR only we can safely assume that they are indirectly feeling the reduction of EMR itself.



Breathing Easier Knowing I’m Protected! I was given the Hedron EMF Shield as a gift and am thrilled that I now have piece of mind knowing that I am protected (along with anyone near me, namely my 5 month old nephew) from the EMFs being created by my cellular phone. I plan to purchase a few more in the near future to take care of my computer and other electronics that are used on a regular basis. We are just so bombarded by EMFs … I’m just glad that we now have a shield! – Auntie Heather x2

So grateful for this shield. No more headaches when I have to (reluctantly) talk on my phone. My kids all have iPods with this shield as well so I feel like I don’t have to worry about their EMF exposure anymore. My phone used to heat up when I charged it and that is gone now too. Amazing device. – Antoinette

The more I research Emf and it’s potential health implications, the more I’m glad I have piece of mind for me and my family. I heard about The quality of Hedron and feel like are better protected. – Erik B

Awesome Product and must have it! Love this researched shield. I knew I wanted an EMF shield but navigating all the products is so confusing. I was excited to find one that was truly researched by health practitioners who care about health & wellness. Plus, it blocks heat which is great b/c my iPhone doesn’t get hot when I have it plugged in anymore. – R. Sunshine

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Hedron Shield is the only gadget of its kind in the world which addresses both EMF and HEATING problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven Mineral and SCALAR TECHNOLOGY. While many similar EMF shields or ‘protectors’ end up jamming incoming calls and affect the tonal quality, the Hedron Shield does not. It is ‘impregnated’ with a frequency called Scalar energy , which matches the earth’s beneficial frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is also called Schumann’s Resonance, a highly beneficial frequency. Thus, using the shield has the capacity to physically and mentally enhance a person’s biofield and physical body/organ systems.

The Hedron Shield is not only backed by credible test reports, but our testimonials speak for themselves! Normally people feel a difference right away and they are able to appreciate the reduction in the heating of the ears and head after only one use.

We would also like refer you to an excellent place to find additional videos, studies, and information on how and why your new Hedron EMF Harmonizer is enhancing your overall health. You can start by viewing Dr. Jerod Bergman’s short yet informative new webinar here.

Also, in case you missed it in the first email, Here is your very informative BONUS eBook and Audio/Video Presentation.

No! The The Hedron EMF Shield chip will not affect the signal strength of the mobile phone in any way.

It has been reported in scientific papers and accepted by Doctors world widethat continuous exposure to EMF emitted from Cell phones adversely affect health and may significantly increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, even though you may feel fine, it is no guarantee that you are safe. It is up to you to decide prudently on whether to use The Hedron EMF Shield or not.

t is generally not recommended to move The Hedron EMF Shield from one mobile to another.

Yes, the The Hedron EMF Shield cell chips are water and heat resistant.

The Hedron EMF Shield cell chip is designed to last for the life time of your mobile phones.

The Hedron EMF Shield cell chip although used extensively for mobile phones can also be used on any radiation emitting electronic gadgets like T.V, Laptops, Computer, Refrigerator,Microwave etc.,

The Hedron EMF Shield is backed up with credible test reports. Normally people feel the difference themselves and they are able to appreciate the reduction in the heating of the ears after using The Hedron EMF Shield. Reduction in heating is because of reduction in radiation only.

It is one’s prerogative to decide whether to protect or not , their ears and brain from the possibility of a Cancer due to continued use of Mobile phones, as already proved and published world over by scientists, doctors and researchers. Whether one believes or not the damage is happening and there are many symptoms experienced by long time Mobile users now in India. Therefore it is only prudent that one is sensible to the realities and get into the damage control measures.

The Hedron EMF Shield is the only gadget of its kind in the world which addresses both EMF and HEATING problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven Mineral Technology and SCALAR TECHNOLOGY, thereby addressing the issue at its entirety. Truly the first of its kind in the world because no other similar gadget in the world addresses the Heat Radiation problem. While many similar Gadgets end up Jamming incoming calls and affect the tonal quality, The Hedron EMF Shield does not jam the calls and affect the tonal quality in any way.

We can only pity them as they have failed to take note of the 1000s of articles published every day in internet and print media about the dangers of using a Mobile Phone continuously, especially the irreparable damage it can cause to the ears and brains of the children who use Mobile Phone for longer duration. So for the sake of their children at least one should be sensible enough to understand the realities.

The small ones with sticky backing, yes. It is best to place it underneath the cell phone case if possible (it will be most efficient that way), and yes many customers place the device Harmonizers on Wi-Fi Routers, although the HHH is the better option for Routers.

As you may already know, most companies rely on subjective and proprietary testing. This is where Hedron Life Source is unique. We have put years of extensive research into finding ways to show/prove that the device will actually affect the level of detrimental EMF on the DNA and organ systems. We have clinically proven time and again that the Hedron devices change/transform harsh Electro Magnetic Interference into a harmless source of energy. Not only that, but we are actually showing that not only is the EMI now harmless to the body, but the Hedron devices actually physically/biologically enhance the body overall. You can currently view (and maybe you already have) the kirilian, thermographical, BioField, and other reports on the main website.

What you may also find important is the 3rd party testing by the California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. What the 3rd party institute confirmed for us is the (SAR) signal absorption percentage remains over 99.9 percent at even a 9.375 GHz (for example a 9G cell phone). So even as the overall EMI, and cell phone tower signals increase we are still protected using the Hedron devices.

The webinar explains a bit more on this: (, as does the ebook: (

The tachyon discs are based purely on energetics, while the Hedron uses a frequency embedding technology in addition to the energetics. There is much to learn on our main website including a webinar, audios, videos, and an ebook. The more we can educate ourselves, the better. 

We are able and happy to supply your patients these much-needed devices. We would set up a practitioner account in your name (or your clinic’s name) and you will receive the practitioner pricing. You can view the pricing by going to:

There are some cases that are made from a certain material that the Hedron does not like to adhere to. Also, Hedron works most efficiently directly on the phone, under the case.

Absolutely! It can be used on any cell phone, mobile phone, cordless phone, etc.

This  is a great question that we get quite often. It can go on the outside of the case, but depending on the type of case and what it is primarily made of, the protection may not be the 99.95%. In most situations we still see a minimum of 80% protection.

Have you had a chance to view the webinar and audio/video and ebook?  <  . This is a great place to start. After that, the home page of the website has many studies to click through. 

The body shield used in conjunction with the device shield will harmonize the aberrant effects of wireless and bluetooth headphones. However, we do always recommend using the air tube headphones for added protection.

The Device Shield has a sticky backing and is specifically formulated for use on electronic devices. The Body shield is one piece and is formulated for use on the body (worn on the body in a pocket or similar). The Body shield has an extra crystal/mineral called Shungite as this is known to harmonize the human BioField as well.

It comes inside a small pouch and many of our customers keep it in the pouch and tie the strings to a necklace or thin rope.

This should not interfere.

We always advise to OPT OUT of the large body screening machine as it causes
extreme detrimental damage to the entire nervous system and BioField and it
takes many days to recover from this. Walking through the normal scanners,
just keep your Body Shield in a pocket. It will not be detected and will
protect you from the harmful EMF walking through. When you opt out, they
also typically do a “pat down”. It will still not be detected with the wand
or pat down. Hope this helps!

The body shield is water resistant, but not water proof. If submerged for too long, the seal may crack and render it ineffective. That said, we have had many people accidentally run theirs through the wash and it is still fine.

We like to think of EMF protection in layers. We always recommend starting with the cell phone as it is with you at all times and is completely detrimental to your system. If you can only start with one product, start with that one. The next step is to add the Body Shield for total protection wherever you go.

If you go to our website (, you should be able to order internationally. There is a flat rate shipping of $25 to your country.

You need to place it directly on the earth (not cement as this is not grounded earth). So in the grass, or dirt is fine. It is best to stay away from powerlines or electrical wiring during grounding.

The Home Harmonizer is 4 inches by 4 inches and is 1/4 inch thick. There is no need to ground the Home Harmonizer.

The pendant is actually a bit stronger regarding building up the BioField and EMF protection. It is a bit larger in size as well. We are finding more people prefer it because it is harder to lose due to the fact that it is a necklace.

We often recommend NOT sticking the Home Harmonizer to the wall as it is much easier to transport it if needed from bedroom to kitchen or vehicle/hotel, etc when it is not stuck in one place. Just keep it under a bed or similar. But if you do still want to re-stick it, yes, you can try double-sided tape. The Body Shield and Pendant are the only ones that should be grounded.

We are certainly interested in expanding into Canada. Please visit for distributor pricing. Please note, there would be a shipping fee based on what you order.

have brought your information to our doctors. Due to the very natural earth quality of the Hedron Devices and the fact that they are not electrically charged or running on any battery or magnetics, there is not going to be interference with his pacemaker/ICD or treatment plan. In fact, having natural scalar energy on your body will only continue to help calm your heart and normalize your BioField. We recommend a Body Shield or the new Pendant in your case. Remember to “ground” the Hedron at least monthly as per instructions included. And in your case, you may consider even grounding it weekly for optimal efficiency.